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City Public Library System for Karachi Metropolis

Library Herald

Year: 1998, Volume: 36, Issue: 3

First page: (135) last page: (151)

Print ISSN: 0024-2292

City Public Library System for Karachi Metropolis


* Qasr-e-Rukayya, B-293, Block ‘N’, North Nizamabad, Karachi-74700, Pakistan.


Traces the history of the library movement in the city of Karachi (Pakistan). Discusses the landmark developments in the creation and maintenance of library facilities for the people of Karachi. Brings out the salient features of the Education Policy (1972-80) and its impact on public libraries. Gives the findings of a survey conducted by the Library Science students of the Karachi University under the guidance of the author. The results are eye opener.

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