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Delhi Public Library System: The Biggest Public Library Network in India

Library Herald Year : 2013, Volume : 51, Issue : 1 First page : ( 78) Last page : ( 90) Print ISSN : 0024-2292. Online ISSN : 0976-2469. Delhi Public Library System: The Biggest Public Library Network in India

Chattopadhyay Anjana1 Former Director General, Delhi Public Library 1Former Director, National Medical Library,; *Presentation of Prof. P N Kaula Memorial Lecture on 11th Nov. 2012

Abstract The present article provides detailed information related to the biggest public library network in India. It gives special emphasis to the historical background of this great library, because the original documents related to Delhi Public Library (DPL) are not easily available today. The Wikipedia at has been mentioning some misrepresented facts related to the history of DPL. The news paper “The Mail Today” dated 09.12.11 has also repeated the same account, which is quite different from the actual facts. Efforts have been made to provide authentic facts related to the organization from original documents related to the subject. The article provides account of traditional library services provided by DPL. It has highlighted the special services provided by the library. The impact of the educational and socio-cultural programmes conducted by the organization has been evaluated. Gives details of the efforts made by the organization alongwith the supporting statistical data to make its services viable and sustainable in future.

Keywords Public Libraries, Delhi Public Library System, Public Libraries - Delhi,Chattopadhyay Anjana.

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