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Information Needs and Information Seeking Behaviour of Our Housewives: A Survey

Library Herald

Year: 2001, Volume: 39, Issue: 1&2

First page: (65) last page: (70)

Print ISSN: 0024-2292

Information needs and information seeking behaviour of our housewives: A survey


*Librarian, Lady Keane College, Shillong, 793001, Meghalaya


A Survey of the Information needs and Information seeking behavior of housewives in Shillong was conducted. Concludes that housewives need information to run their household activities particularly in assisting their children's studies, and supplementing cooking recipes, knowing more about food and nutrition and other health issues as well as updating their knowledge. Mentions that to satisfy their needs, some of the housewives visit the library while others depend on informal channels of Information only.

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