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Iranian Academic Library Buildings: A Study Of Library Facilities And Status

Library Herald Year : 2010, Volume : 48, Issue : 1 First page : ( 25) Last page : ( 34) Print ISSN : 0024-2292. Iranian Academic Library Buildings: A Study Of Library Facilities And Status

Riahinia Nosrat*, Azimi Ali** * ** Abstract Academic library buildings should be built basically according to the academic library building standards and their especial roles in the university curricula. The study investigates the suitability of the facilities and status of the Iranian academic library buildings. Therefore, based on the available standards, the Iranian academic library building facilities were examined through five-point evaluative criteria. Every criterion consisted of some sub-criteria, in which a total of 33 subcriteria were identified for evaluation of academic library building facilities. The study population was all academic universities in Tehran, in which 7 state universities were sampled randomly. Every criterion had unique sub-criteria, thus for each criterion a specific score was assigned, for example, the interior design condition criterion had 13 sub-criteria, therefore it had 13 scores. Other criteria had 4,9,3 and 4 sub-criteria, respectively. All library buildings were evaluated based on the total scores they gained of the total criteria. According to the study, library buildings of the University of Tehran and Tarbiat Moallem University had the best and the worst status respectively.

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