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Strategies of Knowledge Management in Information Technology Age

Library Herald

Year: 2002, Volume: 40, Issue: 1

First page: (36) last page: (42)

Print ISSN: 0024-2292

Strategies of Knowledge Management in Information Technology Age


* P G Department of Library and Information Science, Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar, Pin- 768019, Orissa (India)


Knowledge Management is the upshot of the concentrated research of the Scientists to contrive the abundant growth of information in an efficacious way with the help of modern technological devices. KM is an artistry by which skilled KM practitioner makes an intelligent use of Information Technology systems and the pool of knowledge in an organisation to exacerbate competency. The clubbing of Information about an operating environment becomes knowledge, the deployment of which, for some strategic action to bring about increased efficiency or competitiveness becomes KM. The augmented efficiency, fastidious, procurement of adaptable knowledge through diversified electronic sources and correct application in desired form pertain to KM. Models and Modules devised for KM have been discussed in the paper. The paper also highlights the impact of Internet in building the KM through electronic storage of information, retrieval, document delivery accessing of Information through databases, transfer of file and transfer of Information etc.

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