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Unravelling the Mystery of Our Role Model

Library Herald Year : 2011, Volume : 49, Issue : 2 First page : ( 171) Last page : ( 180) Print ISSN : 0024-2292. Online ISSN : 0976-2469. Unravelling the Mystery of Our Role Model

Gupta Shri Ram, Reader (Retd. 2004) Delhi University. H.No.842 GF, Dr. Mukherji Nagar, Delhi, 110009.

Abstract A new concept - “Role Model for Librarians” is introduced. The libraries are the service institutions, and the librarians being the servants of library patrons, therefore, identifies the area of their role model in the universe of ‘Master-Servant relationship. Never asked question was raised by the author in a class of library science students at Bombay University. The answer to the pertinent question revealed Shree Hanuman of Ram Charit Manas. Discusses the criteria for selection, and on the touch stone, Hanuman appears as an omnivorous servant in the service of Master, Lord Ram. The test for omnivorous servant is the same as that for becoming a librarian. Besides possessing the basic faculties, the librarians should provide selfless service to the master, should belittle self-promotion and always engage to serve others, should be intelligent and rational, honest and sincere, be a bond of master-servant relationship with singular devotion. We, the librarians, should emulate Hanuman to take our calling to the top of the professions world.

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