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Use of Rare Materials in Select Libraries in Karnataka: A Study

Library Herald Year : 2010, Volume : 48, Issue : 1 First page : ( 44) Last page : ( 54) Print ISSN : 0024-2292. Use of Rare Materials in Select Libraries in Karnataka: A Study

Sarasvathy P.*, Senior Assistant Librarian, Giddaiah D.**, Assistant Librarian, A Selvaraja***, Junior Research Scholar *University Library, Mysore University, Mysore, E-mail: **University Library, Mysore University, Mysore. ***DOS in Library and Information Science, Mysore, University, Mysore, E-mail:

Abstract Karnataka is rich in terms of arts and cultural heritage resources (including manuscripts, works of arts and artifacts), it is therefore, important to preserve rare materials to accesses to users more effectively. The present study revealed that there are more than 80000 rare materials in 9 libraries covered under study, the study shows different category of users like students, scholars, writers etc. Further, the study covered institution wise rare book collection, types of rare documents available, the total number of users of the institutions covered under the study and the number of users with reference to rare materials and the average number of users of rare materials per day are investigated and on this basis the findings and suggestions drawn. This paper would be stimulant for further research on the need of digital preservation of rare materials, such as palm leaves, manuscripts, out of print books and so on.

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